Who do Yudu?

Everytime I talk about the Yudu, I always remember that fabulously addictive song in (one of the best movies of all time) Labyrinth: "Who do? You do? What? Remind me of the babe." Oh, I love you David Bowie and "Dance Magic!"

I've gotten off-track. I've mentioned the Yudu many times because it is what I used to screenprint my handkerchiefs. Apparently it is as finicky for other people as it was for me. Regardless, here's a nice illustrated tutorial from Boing Boing on using it. I advise you to avoid the tutorial that comes with the product as it might cause you to suffer a prolonged bout of extreme constipation due to the excessive cheesiness. It's seriously embarassing.

--Photo via Boing Boing


  1. Do you think the Yudu is worth it? I keep going back and forth on whether I think it's worth it or whether I should stick with having northwest graphics make all my screens. It so appealing to just think of something and do it all in the same night though (vs. waiting a week or so to get screens back...) thoughts?

  2. That's a tough call, Zara. The writers of the tutorial I linked to seem to think you might be better of getting some sort of "real" basic screen printing kit. I had lots of trouble burning my first screen. I went through three sheets of emulsion (which is ridiculously expensive. I'm looking at alternative options). I'm about to tackle another project to make wedding coasters. I'll let you know how it turns out. If it's a success, then I'd probably recommend the Yudu. Right now I still have mixed feelings.

  3. Well, let me know, I'm curious about it. Everything I've read seems mixed....



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