Like Chips and Mtn. Dew

Today I'm so excited to feature one of the most awesome people I've met since moving up to Minneapolis: my good friend Lindsey Aho. We were cube mates at my first job as a designer at a downtown ad agency. She is still there busting out awesome designs for the likes of Caribou Coffee, among others. In fact, remember alittle thing called Yearbook Yourself (below) that blew up all over Facebook? Yeah, she designed all that. For weeks she lived with piles of yearbooks and vintage clothing in her cubicle.
I'm going to have to cut to the chase because I could go on about how awesome she is all day. Suffice it to say, she's the kind of cool, creative, loyal friend that you always count yourself lucky to have. At top are hand-drawn for her friend's bachelorette party. Second down is a wine label she did at the agency. The video above is something she did with her uncle for her best friend Cristina and Isaac's wedding. She wrote the words and did the graphics and then ended up performing it at the wedding. I'll let her explain:

"this video was made for my best friend cristina's wedding. for some reason she has always liked my singing voice. throughout our friendship she's said that i will be singing at her wedding. eventually she changed her tune to, 'you promised me you would sing at my wedding.' so to avoid breaking a 'promise', i did. this is the final music video for cristina and isaac's wedding. when it came time to give my speech the audio wasn't working on the projector. soooo i sang it live and a cappella. i survived. cristina should know never to make up a lie again."

It's kind of addictive, isn't it. That makes he this week's "dang" momentm, as in: Dang; I wish I'd made her promise to sing at my wedding.

See more of her (often punalicious) work on her blog.

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