Southern Vintage Engagement

Hi friends, today I thought I'd share my engagement invitations. They were really fun to make. I reworked some vintage-y artwork and added color. I created a custom monogram, looking to old monogram books for inspiration (of course I later found out that you're not supposed to use a 3 letter monogram until you're actually married. Oops! Hope that doesn't mean bad luck). I had Roberto Sand who has a custom laser shop on etsy here make the monogram into a custom rubber stamp for only $14! I used a gold stamp pad to stamp the monogram in the middle, giving it a sort of salty finish that I really like. I put the hosts name on a seperate card and had the back printed in a rich, deep red so it could do double duty as a belly band. I then secured it to the invitations with a wisp of satin ribbon. I used kraft envelopes and printed out labels on my computer. I really love how it turned out. Sweet, but not too. And not at all stuffy!

Now, if only Delta/Northwest airlines had done its job to get my fiancé to the party instead of stranding him in Detroit with no announcement or explanation or subsequent help. If you'd like to read about their complete incompetence and unreliability, please click here.


  1. these are gorgeous!
    and your blog is JUST STUNNING.

    I will be adding you to my reader and keeping a close eye on you!!

    Renee x

  2. Oh, so pretty. I'm having a swoon. Trying to do 20's postcard invites for my wedding right now. I have not your talent...but am having such a good time.

  3. Mama, sometimes having a good time is more advantageous than having innate talent; I'll bet your postcards will turn out lovely. :)

    Thanks for the compliment, Renee!

    And to LCD: Love ya ma!

  4. Hi Rachel,

    I can't stop swooning over your gorgeous invitations! In fact, I had to share it with my readers at LA (

    I also read about the horrid experience about the airline that all your loved ones and you had to go through at the engagement party. It makes me so sad and mad at them! I fully empathise since my husband travels a lot too and comes home during the weekends only. Being late when due to the airlines' customer issues is a no fun situation we had to go through lots of times.

    Nothing like yours at one of the most important events of your life though. Did Delta ever reply you?

  5. Ilane,

    Thanks so much for posting about my work, and the kind words!

    Delta did reply to me after much effort on my part. They offered a $200 credit voucher for travel on their airline, which was of absolutely no use to us, so we refused. I asked for a refund for the portion of the trip that was their fault and they refused. What a suprise. :)



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