Pip is a gal from Australia who recently posted about my Save the Date handkerchiefs. She not only has one of the coolest names ever and a great blog, Meet Me At Mikes, but she taught me the word "ace," as in "that's so ace!" Of course, I am sure it sounds much better with something other than my slightly southern, very American accent.

She was inspired to create her own handkerchiefs at a craft social using a gocco and I couldn't resist showing a few of these supercool "handkerchiefs for the heartbroken."

Man, once I get some time in the next couple of weeks I'm just itching to do something fun like Pip did!

p.s. Pip stays very busy: in addition to being a shop owner, she also keeps two other blogs besides Meet Me at Mikes: Craft City and Brown Owls.

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