Crystal Kluge Illustration and Calligraphy

I came across Crystal Kluge's amazing illustration, calligraphy and type designs while looking for someone to do the calligraphy on my wedding invitation envelopes. I wish I'd found her earlier, because I can guarantee you I would have figured out a way to incorporate a lot more of her work into my invite. Her variety of styles is a delight, her maps a veritable confection. She's done beautiful work for all manner of folks, from Target and Papersource to other brides-to-be like me. I'm so excited to work with her. She keeps a blog, Tart Workshop, which is how I discovered her lovely Nelly script, which I believe I am going to have to purchase.

I have to admit a fairly shameful secret: Until this past year, I thought calligraphy was boring. My eyes had not been opened to all the new styles and the talent required to do it well. I am a total convert. Now if I can just get rid of my prejudice against traditional type-based engraved invitations...

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