Able prints

Look at these cute prints from Able (I love the woodgrain textures in the lion poster!). This is a side project by Designed by Able, a design firm in Pennsylvania. They have some really nice work in their portfolio, and I sure wish I hadn't missed these Palentine's day cards geared toward men and their friends. You can still download them here for use next year, though!

I was going to talk about my excitement over the return of this morning. Mygazines originally had scans of almost any magazine you could think of, such that you culd check out the latest (full) issue of Glamour on their site. However, copyright law caught up with them. They battled it out and must have lost because al of the fabulous magazines that were once up there are gone. I'm willing to flip through the smaller magazines (most of which I've never heard of) when I get some spare time, but I doubt I'll be using it as much as I used to. If you've got a favorite magazine on the site, do let me know!

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