Cardon Copy

Cardon Copy adds some visual interest to the typical streetpost flyer.

From Cardon's website: "Cardon Copy takes the vernacular of self-distributed fliers and tear-offs we have all seen in our neighborhoods. It involves hijacking these unconsidered fliers and redesigning them, overpowering their message with a new visual language. I then replace the original with the redesign in its authentic environment."

I've seen this several places on the Internet lately. I think it's fun, though I'd be curious about the original sign posters' opinions! Do you lose some of the desperation inherent in the hasty scrawl of a LOST CAT sign when you put a lot of thought into the design? On the other hand, are you more inclined to rent the apartment with the well-made, hip sign?

1 comment:

  1. I would be more inclined to look at the apt in the first place and more inclined to notice the sign! So I vote Yes! to the thoughtful design for the apt and yes! to the lost cat sign because it is more noticeable. And dramatic.



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