The Scoop on Poop

When I saw this post from Andrew on The Dieline, I was inspired to put up a little collection (hahaha) of my own savvy doggie doo bag findings. Cleaning up crap has never been more festive! You know, I could continue down the trail of doggie doo puns all day, but I'll spare you. Besides, I'm pooped. (Did you roll your eyes there? Yeah, I figured.)

I figured this was an appropriate post for a Monday, as Mondays are usually pretty shitty.

Okay, I'm done now. For real.

1. Mungo & Maud Dog & Cat Outfitters 2. Olive Poop Bags 3. Spike Business Bags 4. Shit Happens dog poo bags 5. Biodegradeable Poop Bags 6. I Love My Dog cleanup bag

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