I Can(not) Help it For You

This work of art by Minneapolis designer and art director Kelly English has an interesting story behind it both from my side and her side. These pieces were originally created as sequential "love letters" sent to her long-distance then-boyfriend (they are now married). See more of her story after the jump.

My story is as follows: Many months ago, I came across one of these photos on ffffound, and just loved the color and texture of it but couldn't find any identifying information about it. I bookmarked the photo and forgot about it. The other day, while browsing around one of my favorite letterpress printers here, Studio on Fire, I happened upon some of the work Kelly had done for Studio on Fire in collaboration with her friend Kindra (more on that tomorrow). Their new web site KellyandKindra wasn't up yet, so I decided to just go and dig around Kelly's site. Lo and behold I found the image (among other absolutely wonderful eyecandy) and immediately wrote her to tell her the story. She was very friendly and, as it turns out, a transplanted Southerner, as well. I love little coincidences like that.

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Here's the story that goes with the piece in Kelly's words:

"My husband and I began our courtship long distance between Madison and MPLS for an excruciating 2 years. The first year, I periodically sent him this series of six 'love letters.' Each double-sided card was hand-drawn, sewn, collaged, etc. with esoteric imagery and symbology of our blossoming relationship, reflective of the experiences we were sharing together and apart. The complete message of course wasn't realized until the last card was received, which also included the matching half of the apparel snap introduced on the first card, so the 'I' and the 'You cards actually physically snap together. Sexy, eh?

Ahhhh love. The gothic drama of it is a bit embarrassing now. I still really like these cards though, and my husband's still outrageously awesome."

Just lovely.

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