Ultimate Recycling

This is an interesting take on burying cremation remains by Christelle Boulé--and the penultimate way to recycle. The paper, hand-made funeral urn has a degradeable cap filled with oak seeds. The deceased's ashes then nourish the newly burgeoning tree. Creepy or cool? Jury's out for me. Of course, the ashes of our last three family pets are hanging out my parent's garage back in Bama, so who am I to say?

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  1. I like it! Let's get some for April, Cuddles, and Mia to grow a tree. I vote cool!

  2. Definitely creepy. It's just gross. How can you mix the 2. I guess she just wanted to create something cool and be innovative, but I think the overall concept is gross.

  3. I think it's a great idea. It's a big arrogant of us to think that we're so important even after death that we need to take up a whole plot of land for a casket holding our remains. Instead, why not let something beautiful grow from your ashes that future generations can enjoy? I think it's a great and selfless contribution.

  4. this is hella cool. I'd do it. well ok my family would have to do it for me ;-)

  5. Absolutely brilliant and makes such a great statement. If the paper is recycled, even better.
    I think I have found what I want. Where are these available?


  6. I think it's wonderful. But I personally couldn't grow a tree out back with my parents ashes. I'd have to move. :( It would be too hard. Now, if there was a plot of land that was heritage listed that you could plant something like this, and then visit, I could do that. :)

  7. What a beautiful idea! I often worry about the environmental unfriendliness of what we do with human remains after death, the elaborate, expensive caskets, the huge tracts of land taken up with graves which legally can't hold more than the allocated number of bodies even when the people originally buried there have long decayed and been forgotten. This idea uses a cheap, recycled material to do the burying and then from the tragedy of a loved one's death springs new life in their memory.

    I really like the idea of 'living' out eternity as a tree after I die :)



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