Pillow Plight

I have sort of become addicted to throw pillows, which irks Fhub (future husband) to no end. He often references Along Came Polly as I place my three throw pillows precisely on my bed each morning. It makes me feel good, okay? So go ahead and feast your eyes on the color explosion above. *I* designed these pillows in under 10 minutes. What sort of divine witchery is this, you ask? Ah, well, it is the brilliance of InMod, which allows you to select from a slew of patterns, pick your pillow fabric (varieties of cotton, linen and silk) and size, then pick the colors of the design elements on the pillows. They will make them and ship them to you for a ridiculously reasonable price as far as custom throw pillows go. You can also custom design a duvet the same way, but that's going to set you back a bit more.

I love the look of pure brilliance on a Thursday afternoon. Start feeling like a textile designer here.


  1. Totally cool pillows! And what do Fhubs know anyway? They would miss those pillows if they weren't there.

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