We Love Typography

I immediately bookmarked this site.

New from the creators of I love Typography is We Love Typography, which is basically a ffffound* for typography. Like ffffound, you have to have an invitation to join. (I don't have any, sorry!) I do have a ffffound account, which you can follow by clicking here. (I don't have any more invites for ffffound, either. Sorry!) It's pretty fun to get lost in either site. I really like We Love Typography because the photos are very neatly tagged, so it's easy to see the source, poster, etc. Also, the layout appears to have a bit more thought put into it than Ffffound.

Above is a roundup of today's finds.

*If you don't know what ffffound is (mom, hi!), it's a site that lets you basically clip images from other web pages and aggregate them all in one place. Ffffound is by invitation only, but there are others that are open to anyone, like the nice www.enjoysthings.com.

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