Spring Roundup

Spring finally sprang here in Minneapolis (at least for this weekend)! In honor of this joyous event, I put together some of my favorite Spring-y things. How freaking awesome is that portable hammock?

From top left: 1. I believe this is an image from Whitney's (of Darling Dexter) bridal shower. 2. Live moss bathmat concept via here. 3. Table lamp from Ikea. 4. Chair from Anthropologie. 5. Amy Butler fabric swatches. 6. Floral platform shoes from Target. 7. Portable hammock from Target. 8. Orange printed cuckoo clock from Fey Handmade. 9. Sleep masks from Bucky. 10. Waterproof boot vase from Design Republic. 11. Evie Lime Duvet set from Victoria Linen. 12. Three sheets to the wind pillow from Design Republic. 13. Table lamp from Ikea. 14. Print pillow from Inhabit. 15. Swim cap cosmetic bags spotted at Charles + Marie.

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