Silhouette Roundup

I just can't get enough of the whole silhouette trend. Here are some of my favorites.

Starting at top left. 1. Bedding by Dwell Studio. 2. Plastic flags here. 3. Dia Rug from IQMatics. 4. Silhouette Mobile from Rare Device. 5. Tea Towel from Pure Modern. 6. Jonathan Adler pillow. 7. Queen wall clock found on etsy, here. 8. Necklaces by Small Things Designs. 9. Pillow from Joom's etsy shop. 10. Silhouette eggs image from Martha Stewart. 11. Gothic plates by Thomas Paul. 12. Rococo Oval Chalkboard at See Jane Work.

1 comment:

  1. i've been drooling over those silhouette eggs, so chic!



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