Food, glorious food.

Just some random food news because, you know, I adore food of all kinds--especially the kind that I shouldn't eat. Or should I? Holey Donuts have far fewer calories than regular donuts and a fraction of the fat, due to some sort of uber-secret cooking method that I imagine involves some fairy dust and selling one's soul to the devil. The donuts aren't deep fried. They are handmade and shipped to you via Fedex, which makes them pretty pricey. But the reviews are good and they're a hit on QVC. So, if you don't mind paying $3 plus for a doughnut, visit them here.
In my high school, just as there were cool kids there were also cool food items. My school was small so we didn't have a full-service lunchroom, just some freezer bins with frozen burritos and an extensive variety of chips. Pizza was one of those cool foods. You could rest assured that if you saw someone with a cool food like pizza at lunch they were, therefore, also cool. Thus, the pizza vending machine I just read about on Reuters would likely cause a near frenzy at good old Randolph School. Apparently one can choose from 4 different pizza styles. The machine rolls out the dough, applies the topping and cooks the pizza in 2 minutes.

Of course I imagine this sort of democracy in the Randolph lunchroom would result in pizza no longer being a cool food. Ahh high school, so merciless.

--Pizza image via Melinda's Flickr.

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