And Then Hammerpress Happened...

I could probably just put the entirety of Hammerpress' portfolio into my inspiration file. Their work is often the sort that makes you suck in a deep breath and, if you are a Southerner like me, exhale said breath with a low, awe-filled "daaaaaaannnnnnnnng." (I'm sure there are other regional parallel exhalations of awe. Let me know yours!) When I came across the silhouette invitation at top over at 100 Layer Cake today, my "dang" was mixed with a bit of wistful sadness and I was thrown into an interesting dilemma.

I have had a fondness for silhouettes and cut paper since my childhood. I think this was born of several silhouette prints my Mamaw had on the walls of her guest bedroom, where I'd stay when I visited. The black and white silhouettes depicted antique scenes of courtly love. The moonlight coming in from the window would illuminate the white background and I would stare and stare at the silhouettes, weaving a narrative in my head to correspond with the scenes playing out in the moonlight on the wall.

When I began to work on my wedding invitations, I was pretty sure I wanted to do something with my and my fiancé's silhouettes--an homage, perhaps, to my first ideas of love.

Today 100 Layer Cake declared they'd thought the silhouette thing was played out until coming across the Hammerpress invite. I disagree that it's played, but I will say I haven't recently seen anything extraordinary involving silhouettes. I had sort of set that as a personal for myself in using silhouettes in my invite: I wanted it to inspire one of those "dang!" moments. And then Hammerpress happened and I had a "dang!" moment about someone else's silhouette invite. Dangit.

So now I am going to just have to up the ante and not slack off on the collateral materials in the invite. No coasting on cool silhouettes.

Since we're talking, I think I should mention that I'm working on some really cool projects right now. Miss Kriss, whose trials and tribulations in daily life and law school have become a daily read of mine, recently posted a really nice rave about Benign Objects and, in so doing, clipped my logo for her site. When I looked at that logo on her blog, I saw it for the hasty p.o.c. that it was and instantly began working on a new B9 Objects logo.

I just finished a stationery set and some notecards that I will post soon. I am also working on a wedding invitation for my good friend Madeline, who has impeccable style. Her invitation is going to be a sumptous affair, and I can't wait to see it all finished. We have been very inspired by Marie Antoinette, roccoco and gold leaf, so it will definitely be interesting.

So, to sum it all up, do yourself a favor and lose yourself a bit in Hammerpress. In honor of all things worthy, I am now adding a new post label for those things that inspire a "dang moment."


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  1. Your invitations evoked a full on "daaaaaaaaa-mn" on the latest unveiling.
    Cut your self some slack-they are going to be most fabulous!



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