Random Holga Photos

I love the name "Holga" as much a I love the soft edges of the photos. I associate Holga with the name "Helga," which automatically personifies the camera in my mind. I imagine the Holga as that warm, unpredictable friend, the one that's just as likely to be baking the most delicious cupcakes for strangers as hatching a plot to roll someone's house and stick sporks in their lawn.

I actually don't have a friend like that. I wish I did. Maybe I'll just settle for the plastic version instead.

1. By Jan Isaac. See it here. 2.By fugasmentales, who has some awesome photos on Flickr. See it here. 3 & 6. By thorburn. See them here. 4. By zinkwazi. See it here. 5. Unknown. See it here.

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