Burn Cottage

Stunning work from one of my favorite studios, Mash. From their website:
"An entirely biodynamic winery in New Zealand. Mash wanted to create a unique brand that communicated the ‘hands on’ characteristics with the sometimes mystical methods of biodynamics. The founding father of biodynamics agriculture, Rudolf Steiner was heavily influenced by the writings of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. ‘The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily’ is a fairy tale by Goethe published in 1795. This is a story about the combining the ‘ideal human being’ in everyone with ‘outer life experiences’, the two working in harmony. If this can be achieved then the human being would be a truly worthy existence. This was an inspirational story for Steiner and forms the basis of biodynamics.

‘The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily’ was the inspiration Mash needed. The various parts of the story have been put together to create an illustrated collage that forms the basis of the Burn Cottage brand imagery used in packaging, promotion and stationery. The images shown here depict a poster that can also be broken down to individual business cards. The full sheets were printed with perforations that could then be torn apart."

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